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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 4 Day 7

Hi Everyone!
Welcome back to the collaboration challenge with Arthifis from Arthifis’ Place, I highly suggest you to follow him if you don’t already to it, he is one of the sweetest boy I know.

Stop it! You are making me blush! >.< But thank you so much for the heartful introduction! It’s a pleasure to be here discussing hot male Anime men with you!

Today on my side of the collaboration, we will share you our anime crush from a comedy anime.

If I struggled the past two weeks to choose, this week it was pretty easy

Tazuki Kamiya from the Winter 2018 anime, How to Keep a Mummy


I would like to give you a perfect logical reason why I loved him, but I just can’t…i just like him instantly even if his main goal was to toy with the poor Mii-kun. However, Mii eventually warmed-up to him.

His relation with Conny was being hilarious even if at one point I just wanted to kick Tazuki for being the tsun that he is…until I realize Conny is an idiot who probably need a diet.

Tazuki care about his boyfriend Sora they know each other since forever and they don’t have to talk to be able to understand each other…this really a great display of friendship.


This is all for me, now let make some place for Arthis who will now tell you his comedy anime crush character.


Well, this one was a little hard for me! Not because I didn’t know any to pick, rather the opposite! There were too many for me to decide! 😀

I still haven’t watched “How to Keep a Mummy” however from your words he seems to be a fine, fine man! 😀 Although I’m not really a fan of animation where they you can see through the hair :/ Nevertheless, nice pick Mel! 

As you know I love romantic comedies so it was a little difficult to pick just one male crush… However, I was able to come up with one of the best guys out there… I think 😛

Atsushi Otani from Lovely Complex

atsushi otani funny.jpg
He’s just so goofy!

Lovely Complex is one my favorite romantic comedies! The main reason is that it is completely different from what you normally expect! None of the main characters are what normally Anime portray as beautiful, neither they are that smart or something like that. Nope, both main character are pretty normal to be honest!

The reason I love Otani so much, first of all it his dorkyness. I mean, this guy is always making me fun with his faces and words! Moreover, everything gets even funnier because of his dialect which is not what you normally find in Anime! 😀 

Otani Atsushi funny.gif

However there is more! When it comes to physical appearance is just too cute (when is not doing creepy faces) and measuring 1.49m just helps to the cuteness! I mean, he is just like your teddy bear ahah! I’m not that tall and even I am 20 centimeters above him.

I also love that Otani has his own complex (being short), something that makes me like him even more because this characteristic makes him more human! However, the way he deals with that complex is also something that makes me love him! He tries to hide his complex with huge personality and trying to be arrogant, basically finding himself the best one! Not a tall man, but a big man! Moreover, although short he wants to become a basketball player and fights his way to do that, even if people tell him he won’t be able to do it because of his height! It’s not everyone who is able to do that!

Otani Cute.gif

Last, but not the least, even though having this facade which can make him a little bit annoying at some point, in the end he really has a good heart and is really kind! And I love this part of him! 🙂 

Otani kind.gif
That smile!!!!!

Overall, Otani ends up being the full package and just a lovely, lovely man who I would love to grab, put him in my pocket and just make him my teddy bear for the rest of my life (Not creepy at all!). 

I haven’t seen the anime, but he seems like an interesting character


This is all for the 7th day of the challenge, look out for Arthis’ post that will be published after mine where will share our crush from a Yaoi series >////<

Remember to vote!!

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time

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