What do you think About Me?


When I started my blog in 2016, it was mainly for me, it was a place where I could write about series and character I liked. Along the way, I met awesome people, some of them became my closest friend and one my best friend (you know who you are).

Now, I’m still writing to share what I like about anime and manga series, but I’m also looking forward the interaction I will have with the other content creator.

The interaction, the conversation I have with the other content creator makes me happy and this is one of the many reason why I like this community, at least the community that I interact with.

Since I really care about my followers, I wanted them to be able to leave the trace on my blog. I know, they are already commenting on my post, but I want something…more personal, I want something About Me.

If there is a page that need to be revamped is the About Me page, I think I didn’t modified it since the first time I wrote it and I know there is a lot of thing that need to be change on it, there are things that only me can take care of, but there is thing you my dear follower can write.

I will not ask you an essay, just a few word (a paragraph if you feel like it) of what you think about me about the blog, how to you think I am , really just a few words that will be included in a special page “Let Me Tell You About Mel”.

Now for write those nice words about me, it will be easy, I will set a Google doc where everyone will be able to write, You will be able to find the link below.


The link will be available for two months (I think that is long enough…right)

I know that normally people will do things for their followers when they reach a certain milestone, but I always wonder what people were thinking about me, so I’m using this as occasion to discover it.

Looking forward your participation!!

~ Thank you for reading ~

6 responses to “What do you think About Me?

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