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Mel is Watching | Spring Week 5

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to an other edition of Mel is Watching, a day late, I know, but I didn’t have much time Saturday to watch anime and Sunday I was working and then I visit my mom to the hospital.

Here we are at the fifth week of Spring, I might not watch a lot of series this season and I know I’m completely biased (like always) but My Hero Academia is definitely my favorite, the fact that I’m up to date with the source material have probably something to do with it…

Now time to take a look at the watch list, that didn’t change at all

  • Black Cover
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Cards Arc
  • Darling in the Franxx
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3
  • Persona 5: The Animation
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re


© Studio Pierrot

Black Clover
Episode 30 – The Mirror Mage

After 30 episodes we finally see Gauche siscon in action, I know it was bad but not to the point to kill people she have fun with. BTW that store is probably open only once a year and it’s on Marie birthday.

The only reason why I like that episode it’s because it’s introducing a new “villain” (we will have the answer in the next episode)

The one thing I’m really annoyed with that show, it’s not Asta but to see how much that damn priest doesn’t have any faith in him, he is so biased toward Yuno that he probably never notice how hard Asta worked. I get it’s like his family, but Asta is better with the Black Bulls where they acknowledge him, even other Captain know his value (okay one more captain)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Cards Arc
Episode 17 – Sakura and the Crazy Sweet

© Madhouse

I was really expecting having “The Sweet” card counterpart here, but I was wrong.

I really like how everyone fell asleep conveniently on the countertop…everyone except Akiho of course.

Kaito is cute when he is laughing and he really care about Akiho. I starting to feel like he is like Eriol in a sense that those card need to be caught no matter what, if no something bad will happen.

My theory is (feel free to tell yours in the comment) that Akiho doesn’t know she have magic power, they are not awaken yet, that is why it’s Sakura who have to catch the card. It was said in an earlier episode, Sakura is really powerful, that’s probably why she was chosen to catch the card. I think that if the card are not caught in time, something will happen to Akiho, either her power will never awaken or she will just disappear. Maybe her power was taken away from her for some reason and in order to get it back the card have to be caught, the only thing is since she doesn’t have any power she can’t do it by herself, and it need to be someone stronger than her (and I guess Kaito) who have to do it.

I’m saying all this now, but I know we will all know the truth in the end, that’s what happen in the two previous arc and since this third arc follow the same formula than the two others…

Last thing, Rika really clash with the other it’s the only one that look like she actually grew-up even if she always have been more mature for her age...I wonder if she is still seeing Terada-sensei…oh wait this was in the manga only…

Darling in the Franxx
Episode 16 – Days of Our Live

© A-1 Picture – Trigger – CloverWorks

It took me time before I gain some kind of interest in the characters, it took me about 15 episode before I start caring about those child, and now I just want to blow up that damn ship where thow masked idiots live for abandoning damn. I know that crazy doctor have something in mind, something that will help those kid to grow up and become resourceful adult (if they get there) but still.

I enjoyed that episode, in fact I really like it, seeing Zero-two becoming part of the group and seeing them having fun together was nice to see, really nice to see. I like they show us what happened after their last fight. I tear up a little.

Now I wonder what will happen with them and what seem to hide under them. I have the feeling Zero-Two is linked to that mysterious creature, maybe that what Papa was talking about when they say she will have a choice to make. Continuing with living with the human or go back underground…

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 5 (43) – Drive it Home, Iron Fist!!!

© Bones

Aizawa, oh Aizawa, even in situation of emergency you still have some sense of humor.

While watching it, I had to hold back my tear twice, mainly cause of Kouta, that poor child gonna need a big hug and therapy session.

Again it pretty much following closely the manga which I’m really happy about, for once we have a series that follow the source material without filler on one go (let’s not talk about that first episode please)

In the next episode Dark Shadow is out of control, but you can already guess what will happen.

Persona 5: The Animation
Episode 5 – The Phantom

©A-1 Picture

After stealing Kamoshida’s treasure, our three friends realized they are a lot of adult like him, adult who are drive only by their desires. Ryuji convince Ren and Ann to form a group end make those sinful adult pay, The Phantom are now on service plus they have a loyal fan who use his website to promote them.

We learn a little more about the Meta-Verse which is good for people who never played the game like me.

Ren have an interesting encounter when he met Akechi Goro (if you don’t know where is name come from, I’m disappointed, stop reading this post and go read Edogawa works instead), that cutie detective talk about having a rival…we can guess one which side he would be later.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
Episode 5 – Leave the Last Battle to Me

© Studio 3Hz

More in goes, more I feel like there is no plot to follow, so far we only watching LLENN getting her way through the game. Each I don’t really mind but I will be nice to have someone to hate to spicy up thing a little. I thought M will pull out something more interesting than that, but I’m not surprise it was always clear Pito was a psycho.

Now I can’t wait to see how both look in real life, but I feel like it will be revealed only toward the end.

Tokyo Ghoul: re
Episode 5 – PresS: Night of Scattering

© Studio Pierrot

I actually quite enjoyed this one, even if I would have rather see more of Suzuya and Ayato fight, both are really strong character and I hope to see a longer fan between the two.

Naki is surely an idiot, but I did felt bad for him, there is time I’m cheering more on the ghoul like with Naki and Uta, I want to see them win.

I feel like next episode will be interesting, it seem like Sasaki will not have the choice to accept Kaneki and use his strength if he want to survive.


The last week was quite interesting, Black Clover finally decide to give us the introduction to a new conflict. thing seems to want to settle down in Darling in the Franxx, even if we are all-knowing this is the calm before the storm. In Cardcaptor that bunny decide to move even if we still doesn’t know Kaito motive we can still sketch out some theories about it. My Hero Academia give us (at least me) some unwanted feeling, no sure I will still me alive when that season will be over. While Tokyo Ghoul was interesting, I’m more looking forward this week episode.  Regarding Sword Art and Persona, I guess they are okay but nothing much than that, I would really like to have more exciting fight in Persona tho…

See you next time!


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