Monday in Music | Answer by Akashi Seijuro ft. Kuroko Tetsuya

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Akashi Seijuro (C.V: Kamiya Hiroshi) Ft. Kuroko Tetsuya (Ono Kensho)
Type: Character Song

“Answer” is one of the song included on – Emperor Voice – (SOLO MINI ALBUM Vol.7).

This Akashi‘s song featuring Kuroko talk about the last match they had during the Winter Cup, Akashi never believe Kuroko could win against Rakuzan, it also refer to what happen during the last year of Kuroko at Teiko, when he drop of the club because of what was becoming Akashi.

This is one of my favorite duet, not only because of the meaning of the song, but also because of how both voice blend together. I really like their harmony, it give a little idea of how their relation was before Akashi switch personality.

At that time I was the shadow of my teammates, I was powerless by myself and couldn’t do a thing
With our widening distance and vanished smiles, I even lost the words to call out to you

In these days where we are breaking, each of the inevitabilities continued to be pointed out to us
The victories that we chased after had already known of this time

No matter what is right, no matter what is a mistake
If there is only one path that will show it
Let us pierce through it without faltering, and get through what’s thrust in front of us without fail
Saying that this is the answer of my unwavering self

The hazy feeling of being out of place in this distorted world, where there’s already no place to escape to anymore
You can affirm it, the established definition is easy to understand and absolute

Whoever saw the possibilities might have called it a miracle
It’s because this team doesn’t give up that we made it to this place
Translation: ichigohaatsu

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