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5 Thing I Like About Myself – Time to Throw Me Some Flowers

There is a lot of thing I always have hard thing to do, one of them is appreciating myself, but I also always had trouble to find thing I would like about myself.

I can answer silly question ask in award, but finding thing to say about myself it way much harder, it’s a real challenge.

So I guess I have to thanks Chizurue for tagging me for this one since I once again have to challenge myself to answer this tag.

But first let’s take a look at the rules

  • Thank the nominator
  • Display the picture in the post
  • List 5 things you like about yourself
  • 1 thing must be a physical aspect
  • Tag 3 more people


The 5 Things

I will start by the easiest thing I like about myself, the physical aspect one, my eyes. It’s a comment I had more than once in the past, people always say my eyes are pretty, and this is probably the reason why I always feel the need to wear eye make-up when I go out. I want them to be the center of attention even if they are hidden behind glasses.

I really appreciate my memory, at least for stuff I read or watch, there is a lot of book are movie that I read or watch only once that I have no problem to tell you what happen in it, in fact when I write my post I most of the them on only base myself on what I remember of it.

My ability to not take myself seriously, I mean if I wasn’t able to read about silly stuff I do, I would have probably die of shame a long time ago

I like the fact that I’m really curious, I mean this curiosity is the reason why I just jump into various topic that are not necessarily linked together. This curiosity that push me to watch a documentary about black hole and dark matter with the same passion that if I watch My Hero Academia…

Loneliness is my friend, I mean I really don’t mind behind left alone, I’m someone really independent and I really like that about myself. A lot of people are surprise when I tell them that I don’t mind watching movie alone. Of course it’s more fun when there is someone with you cause you can discuss about it after, but I don’t mind going alone if no one can come with me. I’m not the type of person who will wait for an invitation, if I want to go somewhere I will just go, the only thing that can stop me is time and money.

This is five thing I like about myself and I have to say it was easier than I thought…maybe I should start writing without thinking for those kind of post.

Now time to tag three person


Thank you once again Chizurue for tagging me !!

~ Thank you for reading ~

7 thoughts on “5 Thing I Like About Myself – Time to Throw Me Some Flowers Leave a comment

  1. You’re very welcome!! We all have a bit of a hard time appreciating what we have so tags like these are very helpful. Glad you found it a bit easier this time around. ^_^ Another round soon then? 😊(Sorry for the late reply as I have been in a break from blogosphere)

    Liked by 1 person

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