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[K-Friday] Busted Introduction and 1st Episode thought

I’m never been a big fan of k-drama, I did try to watch some, but in the end I only watched one completely which is Reply 1997 (you should watch it if you haven’t yet, it so funny and relatable). I might not watch drama, but I watch a lot of variety.

I watched countless episodes of Running Man (nothing after Gary departure tho) and Happy Together. I also watch the complete first season of Shinhwa Broadcast (I love Shinhwa but I wasn’t fond of the second season). I could name you a few more title that I watch but this post is not about the show I watched, but the one I’m watching.

When the announcement that a new Korean variety with the “Nation MC” Yoo Jaesuk, will be filmed, I was really happy. Not only we had one more reason to laugh with (at) him, but also this new variety will aired on Netflix  weekly (subbed of course). No need to say I was really looking forward this new variety show.

Busted! I Know Who You are! premises is simple, a crime was committed and the cast have to solve the mysteries to find the culprit. In order to that, to be able to gather clues and hints, the cast have to perform task, challenge. It’s really simple so simple that one might find that boring. However I can tell you that when you reunite Yoo Jaesuk and Lee Kwangsoo on the same set it’s a promise of laugher, both area also cast on the long-running variety Running Man

The complete cast is quite interesting, as I said, Yoo Jaesuk (YJS) and Lee Kwangsoo (LKS) are part of the seven-member cast. With them to solve mysteries we have the actor Ahn JaeWook (AJW), the singer Kim Jongmin (KJM), the actress Park Minyoung (PMY) and the idols Sehun from EXO and Kim Sejeong (KSJ) from Gugudan.

Week after week, our seven detective will have to solve mysteries and time to time a special guest will be appear in the new variety.

All this made me even more curious about what was coming, I almost marked the premier on my calendar.

Now that I watched the 1st Episode “ Forewarned Murder” I can give you my thought on it.

The episode open on an overly serious detective YJS (dressed as Sherlock Holmes) sitting on a park bench thinking about a strange invitation he received earlier that day. Which make think about one case he got that same day, finding a cat for a woman. The woman is a fortune-teller who paid him by reading YJS future. YJS not super impress by what she tell him. Just before leaving the fortune-teller give YJS an envelope, of course we will not know now what is in the envelope.

Then we follow YJS where he got invited, it’s a murder and mystery game, we meet the other cast member (minus KSJ) and the special guest for this week Yoo YeonSeok (YYS). The man, M, who invite all the famous detective tell them about the game. He told them that one of them will be “kill” and one will be the “culprit”

After lifting their glasses to the game, the light goes out and a firing arm sound is heard. When the lights goes back, M is dead “really” dead starting there, their investigation start, they have to find who killed M.

To find that the detective need to find and follow the clue first they goes around M priority and found dog running around, on their collar there is a key opening the manor door, then PMY manage to unlock M laptop by playing find the difference. They discover email the victim received from a woman named Rena who works as pole dancing teacher.

After having some information in hand, the group split up to follow the different hint they have.

YJS and AJW decide to go question Rena. If until now they had it easy, thing will get hard for them funny for us, seeing YJS doing pole dancing figure to get answer was quite interesting.

PMY, Sehun and KJM go to the last place where M and one of his other friend named C met, a cars washing contest. After questioning the people who host the contest, they found out that C car (which is for some reason there) have a strange sticker stick on the windshield.

Sticker found, car found, now time to look into the car that was of course unlocked

Did I told you those show where normally scripted from A to Z?

The car have a GPS (how convenient) with that our trio found where C hide, with a much easier way than your wannabe pole dancer duo, in that car they also find a set of keysssssss

Before you ask me where are LKS and YYS, I leave them aside for purpose…need to avoid the spoiler after all ( ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

YJS, AJW, Sehun, PMY and KJM all get to C house, which appear to be a warehouse…more like a labyrinth of hell mixed with an escape room concept.

After going through all the room those five hired poor soul, joined by drenched LKS and YYS find K who speak nonsense leaDing the group to find M murder…

M murder kill K and escape on a motorcycle.

The episode finish on flashback from the assassin…


I have to say soon as the episode start, I have a general idea of where that show will go. It reminded me a lot of Running Man but with a slightly different cast. If each Running Man episode of a different theme, Busted! theme will always be similar.

Looking forward to watch the next episode and see what the team will have to do to catch M and K assassin.


~ Thank you for reading ~

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