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Mel is Watching | Spring 2018, Week 9

Hi everyone!!

Welcome back to this new edition of Mel is Watching, I’m sure some of you are surprise that I was actually able to keep up with this until now, at least I am amazed by myself knowing my procrastinator side.

This is my thought of the 9th week for the series I’m watching this Spring 2018 season.

But first let’s take a look at the watch list

  • Black clover
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
  • Darling in the Franxx
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3
  • Persona 5: The Animation
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re

** This post contains spoilers, read at your own risk **

Black Clover
Episode 34 – Light Magic vs Dark Magic

©Studio Pierrot

I was mainly looking forward this episode cause we will finally see Yami in action and I wasn’t disappointed by the fight at all. We even get the chance to see a really piss off Yami even if he look angry 90% of the time.
Litch or whatever his name is seemed to be the generic overpowered antagonist with a crazy amount of power but seeing Yami going against him without only using his mana was really nice. I was kind amuse by Yami teaching all those trick to Asta while fighting, I know I shouldn’t expect much from this shounen, but not only Yami took the time to explain for Ki work to Asta but eve when to it while fighting, even that scary face dude (Valto I think) noticed it…

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
Episode 21 – Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of Memories


There is a lot of thing that got explained in this episode, as why the house is back there and who is Kaito. While he seemed like a dangerous and powerful character, one that could actually hold the title of antagonist for this series (I never saw Eriol as antagonist), I still have trouble to believe clamp will do that with the series, but again I can be wrong. He most probably stole that relic for the sake of Akiho, but since communication is not the forte of anyone in that show he try to do everything by himself.
I have to give credit to the writer for not screwing up the fact that Sakura’s father didn’t gain any magical power. For those who didn’t read the manga, at the end Eriol ask Sakura to split his power in two between him and her father cause her father is also a reincarnation of Clow, which Sakura does, but this only appear in the manga, So in the anime Fujitaka does have any power.
Now my only concern is next week episode which is supposed to be the last, I feel like there is a lot of thing to be explained, however 20mins doesn’t seem enough.

Darling in the Franxx

Cool an other special episode, that makes me wonder if they had enough material in the first place to make a 24 episodes series…

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 47 – All for One


The table is set for the fight that will change everything, if you think our three musketeers again Stain was cool, let me tell you that the fight that is coming will be much more terrific.
Again even if I’m reading the manga seeing the difference scene being animated bring another dimension. I don’t know why but seeing Aizawa bowing in apology in the manga didn’t gave be the same feel then when I saw him doing in the episode, even so I still hate both… Also this episode had me to read once again the chapter cause for some reason I didn’t remembered Gran Torino calling all the Vanguard member by their real name, all expect Dabi (you do whatever you want with that info, I know what I’m doing with it) I really hope everyone watch the episode until after the ending song, just to have a slight idea of All for One power…

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
Episode 8 – Booby Trap

©Studio 3Hz

The second Squad Jam has begun and team LLENN Fuka already took down two team, LLENN idea was to reach for Pito and take her team out first but the two favorite team got place in completely opposite location, which is a nice move, it would have been pretty boring if the two team were close to each other. Even if Pito didn’t participate in the previous Squad Jam, she is still renowned and seven team made a cease-of-fire to Pito amusement, from the title of the next episode alone we can tell on which team it will be focused.

Tokyo Ghoul:re
Episode 9 – play: Departed Spirit

©Studio Pierrot

If last week opening scene was heartbreaking and I would say tragic, this week is really contrasting, it’s day and night I have to double-check if I was really watching the good show since when if the focus of the opening scene is Tsukiyama, I had some trouble to not laugh, I even watch the scene twice for my own amusement.
The Rose investigation is still going and now we have the confirmation it will be related to the Gourmet. Once again Sasaki shown is superiority and the reason he is who he is even if he doesn’t know it himself. I feel like more it will go more Sasaki will have trouble with his inner Kaneki as his memory and past resurfaced as the series go.
The episode end of mysterious character draped in black, I have an idea on who it might be, be I will wait to have some more information before sharing.


This was my thoughts on the few series I’m watching this season, the two episode I enjoyed the most was My Hero Academia and Cardcaptor Sakura. The first cause I was really looking forward this arc being animated (but not as excited as the next big one) and the second cause of all the information given in that one episode.

Next week should be the final episode of Cardcaptor, looking forward to it!

~ Thank you for Reading ~ 


2 thoughts on “Mel is Watching | Spring 2018, Week 9 Leave a comment

  1. I can’t believe Darling in the Franxx gave us another special. Well, I can believe it but it is still annoying.
    I’m with you on Cardcaptor. I really enjoyed this week’s episode but I’m worried about how it will wrap up everything in the twenty minutes it has remaining.


    • Maybe Darling in the Franxx writer have no clue what they are doing themselves and now they try to figure out how to end the series.
      Right now I wished I had read CCS Clear Card manga at least to have an idea of what we will found in the next episode. I have a slight idea, but still we still need answer from Toya and Syaoran plus the explaination Kaito will give us…

      Liked by 1 person

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