Monday in Music | DNA by BTS

Artist: BTS
Album: Love Yourself: Her EP
Released Date: September 2017

OMG not an anime related song? Nope, I still have a lot of anime song to share with you, but I thought it would be nice to also share without my korean song library. One thing I have to tell you before talking about today’s song is do not expect to only have kpop song.

DNA” is one of the single coming from the fifth mini-album, Love Yourself: Her,  of BTS. It’s with this song the boy pierce the American market despite the song being in korean.
Did I absolutely loved the track from the first listen? not really, I’m used to the group powerful track like “Not Today”or their earlier release like “N.O” (Their sounds, change they experiment new thing and always succeed, no matter their lead single, their performance are always stunning), but the song definitely grew on me, that whistling is haunting, it stay on the back of your head without planning to go anywhere.
My favorite part of the song is the pre-chorus, I loved the way it was built.

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