[Doujinshi] Alcohol Date – 18+

Series: Free!
Pairing: Tachibana Makoto x Nanase Haruka
Genre: Yaoi (18+)
Circle: Band Aid

O-Bon festival, underage Makoto is sightly drunk (thanks to his uncle) and pay a visit to Haru. DrunkMako is probably one of the most interesting you can see since his shy side just disappear which make our dear orca a needy boyfriend.

To read the doujinshi, click here.

3 responses to “[Doujinshi] Alcohol Date – 18+

    • When it come to doujinshi, I don’t really go with deep review, it will go with a short synopsis, just to let people know what the doujinshi is about. 80% of the dj I feature on the website doesn’t have a story what we could call a plot.
      If you do and go on the 18+ make sure to put warning for your underage reader.

      Sorry for not being more helpful 😅

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