Sport Anime Challenge | Day 3 – Favorite Sport Anime

I everyone this is the day 3 of the Sport Anime Challenge and today I will share with you my favorite sport anime.
I have to say I haven’t watched a lot of sport anime, the number of that genre, can be count on two hands, but i still have one I prefer more than the other and I’m pretty sure most of you knew the answer.

Kuroko no Basuke

It is really a surprise? I really doubt, if you follow me on twitter you probably witnessed me retweeting or liking tweet related to the series. I might not have rewatch it a lot of time, of however the most important part are engraved in my memory.

I could easily say the reason why it’s my favorite is simply cause my all time favorite character is from this series (this is a hint for tomorrow), I’m a simple girl with simply need after all. However for those who want a more deep answer (if I can give you any deep reason on why I like the show),’ will tell you that one of the reason why I like the show it’s because of the title character, it’s something I notice in most of the sport anime I watched so far, the main have all distinct trait that made them stand out. Hinata from Haikyuu!! is a ball of sunshine and Sawamura from Ace of Diamond can be overly optimistic, but not Kuroko. Kuroko is what one would call a bland character, he doesn’t really stand out if you compare him to Kagami the other lead who had a short temper but also can be a little bit naive like a child. However, his lack of distinctive trait made him unique.

An other reason why I like the series is cause of its large and interesting cast and the dynamic between them. I’m probably not known as someone who tend to over analyze character, if a character can entertain me enough to keep me interested until the end of the series, I’m happy with that and it’s a plus if there is a lot of entertaining character. Kuroko no Basuke is one of those series. I like at least one member from each of the major team and their side character are also great.

Of course the series doesn’t appeal everyone, there is so WTF moment where you wonder if you are really watching a sport anime and not a super power anime.

Kuroko no Basuke is my favorite sport anime now it is time for you tell me yours, let me know in the comment below

~ Thank you for Reading ~

3 responses to “Sport Anime Challenge | Day 3 – Favorite Sport Anime

  1. I might have to agree with you on KnB being my all-time favorite sport anime. I love Haikyuu, but the character dynamics of the KnB boys are all so drastically different from one another and so dynamic compared to other sport anime’s I’ve seen so far.

    Also, KnB gave me my beloved golden puppy Kise. ❤

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