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Mel is Watching | Spring 2018, Week 11

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to this new edition of Mel is Watching!

As always before jumping in my thought on the different episode I watched this week (okay all Saturday, I got a little be lazy once again), we will take a look at the Watch List status

The Watch List

  • Black Clover
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc (Complete)
  • Darling in the Franxx
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3
  • Persona 5: The Animation (Dropped)
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re

** This post contains spoilers, read at your own risk **

Black Clover
Episode 36 – Three Eyes

©Studio Pierrot

A lot of fighting again with some really weird place dialogue and a really lame introduction from the 3 new villains…
The only thing I actually get from that episode is that Mars (the Diamond Kingdom dude from in episode 15) failed to kill that girl he had to kill to get his freedom, cause no only she is part of the Midnight Sun Eyes, she is also one of the strongest. I have to admit I didn’t remember her name, it’s the jewel she had on her forehead and her grimoire that look like Mars grimoire that gave me the hint.
The fight will continue in the next episode with the arrival of three other Magic Knight captain, only 15 episode to go, I wonder how many more they will pass on that fight.

Darling in the Franxx
Episode 21 – For You, My Love

©A1-Picture / Trigger

I really wanted those kids to find some kind of happiness in the end of the series, while the series is not totally over, I doubt they will be able to live their happy live free of “Papa”.
I think Zero-Two was ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of her love for Hiro. I know we are not sure what happen to her, but it’s doesn’t look good.
Technically the next episode, should be the last one if we count the two special episode, however since the series didn’t seem to know which direction it will take since the first episode, I wouldn’t be surprise they give us 24 episode of anime, if they decide to give us 3 more episode I really wonder what they will be about.

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 49 – One for All


I had to wait a little after watching the episode, one cause this episode was really emotional and there is a lot happening so I didn’t know where to start and to be honest I still don’t know.
All for One is overpowered will all know that, his quirk giving him the possibility to steal other quirk made him really powerful and scary and the only thing that saved AllMight from being kill is his will to protect everyone.
Despite everyone knew what he really look like, they still cheer on him, yelling his name believing he would win once again.
Now the burden of the Symbol of Peace his on Deku’s shoulder, Deku saw his idol and mentor use his last strength to fight All for One and it is now his time to become the pillar AllMight was.
There was action in the episode, however what make this episode one of my favorite even if it made me cried, it all the word of support given decide their difference. You can hate Endeavor as much as you like for what he did to his family, but the guy still know how strong AllMight his compared to him and also know he wouldn’t be able to fight All for One himself.
I have to prepare myself, knowing what is coming, the few episode coming might make me cry again.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
Episode 10 – The Devil’s Comeback

©Studio 3Hz

I was really expecting a fight between team LF and MMTM but Shinc show up cause they wanted to beat Momento Mori ass, which gave time to LLENN to get her ammo and have a talk with SHINC leader. LF and SHICN came up with a plan to take down Pito after LLENN explain to Boss why she have to absolutely kill Pito…it would have been nice if they had care to explain us what would happen once Pito died, anyway at the end of the episode Pito was still alive, but badly injured and prove one more time she had some screws off. LF/SHINC and MMTM take the opportunity to attack Pito while she is recovering.
Next episode MMTM leader, David, gonna die, unless Pito decide to play with him a little bit more longer and then LF and SHINC will go against Pita and M yeah they are the only two left on their team thank to MMTM.

Tokyo Ghoul: re
Episode 11 – writE: The Absent One

©Studio Pierrot

Thank you for making me tearing up right from the beginning, I surely didn’t needed that. I really like how most of the time I tend to root for the ghouls side instead of the CCG side, there is a lot of character in the CCG that I just can’t stand, Kijima and that pink haired girl was two of them, I was quite happy to see them die to the hand of Matsumae. The ghouls I don’t like are the Aogiri for the most of them but that something else.
I really had the feeling, Sasaki will fight Tsukiyama and now I wonder if it will be the one who will make him change from Sasaki to Kaneki or if the OWLS who is on its way.
The other fight going on is Nao (I think it’s his name) against the Quinx (is that the right spelling..oh well) and other CCG investigator and I wonder how it will end, mostly for Shiraizu…
Guess we will see all that in the next episode which is also the last episode of the season.


Biased me would say this week episode of My Hero Academia was on the top and rational me would say the same thing. Sword Art Online and Tokyo Ghoul both give us solid episode, Tokyo Ghoul also set up the final episode in a nice way, but the event in My Hero Academia place the episode above all the other.
Really looking forward next week for those three show.

~ Thank you for Reading ~


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