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K-Friday | They Only Had One Dream

Hello everyone!
It’s me, Mel!

It’s been a while I haven’t post any K-Friday post, it’s not that I didn’t had anything to talk about, There is a few post I really want to publish, it’s just that I wasn’t able to find the time to write the posts. Now that I have a be more time, maybe I will be able to schedule those post. At least one, this one.

Now this post is not a happy one, I rather tell you, in fact in my angry some of you, not cause of the opinion state in it ( okay maybe you will not agree with me) but cause of the subject itself.

There is one thing all the South Korean idols have in common, it’s their dream of becoming acknowledged singer, their dream of becoming a star, sing on the biggest stage, fill the biggest stadium. To achieve this dream they need the help of an agency. The agency will provide them the money and the support to make their dream reality.

If most was created to truly support their artist, some of them might have been created just to turn artist into cash cow.

In today’s post, I will talk about agency that screw up their artist in various way.


The first agency I will talk about didn’t really screw their artist dream up, they are just really bad at managing them.

Star Empire Entertainment

If I tell you the name of ZE:A and Nine Muse, can you tell when was the last comeback? Of course you have to know them to be able to answer this question. Frankly I doubt new kpop fan actually know one of those two group, even if ZE:A debuted in 2010, didn’t faced any real scandals or had any members line-up change, the group is together since January 2010, it’s been eight years but people barely know them and it’s not because they doesn’t have talent, it’s simply that the marketing team doesn’t seem to know who to promote them. The last time ZE:A released a song was in 2015 with the single “Continue” which was more aimed at their fan. Their last official comeback, where they promoted it on music show, was with “숨소리” (Breathes) from the group second EP First Homme. Since then nothing, according to what it as been said, the group is not disbanded, they are focusing on solo activities under other companies and I know some of the members are currently fulfilling their mandatory military duties. I don’t blame them who will want to stay under a company who doesn’t take care of them while they have the change to pursue their dream with a new label?

Star Empire is not the only one who should learn how to manage and take care of their artist, some should also learn when to debut their artist.

T.S Entertainment

Did you ever heard about Sonamoo? No it’s a real shame, but not really surprising, we gonna have to blame TS Entertainment for that. The girl group debuted in 2014 in the same time the agency had issue with one of their most successful group B.A.P regarding their contract which cast some shadow over their debut. The girl debuted with a concept similar to Black Pink, but since no one noticed them at their debut, most people forgot about it and know they have a different concept, more mature but since they are under one of the worst agency when it come to artist management, their come back go unnoticed. Sonamoo wasn’t the first to suffer, Secret was forgotten by their agency for a long time before their disbandment and B.A.P just lost their leader who decide to not renew his contract with them. Now with Secret disbanded and the most known member of B.A.P gone, TS doesn’t have big name to bring money in the house, they still have other act other than Sonamoo and B.A.P , like Untouchable (who?) and TRCNG (what?).

Sometimes idols dream get prematurely ended not cause their agency can’t manage them…wait the agency doesn’t know how to manage them, but it’s not the only reason.

J.Tune Camp

The label didn’t have a lot of artist to begin with, in we could count them on one hand. So we technically should have be able to see those artist promote more, cause more artist promote, more money comes it right? Right…? Even more when the artist have some kind of popularity. However J.Tune Camp didn’t understand that and this is why MBLAQ was never able to peak like BEAST who debut in the same time as them. Since they can’t give work to their artist, when it come time to renew the contract the artist doesn’t sign a new contract which is logical. This is pretty much what happened with Lee Joon, he wanted to do something different and he knew he couldn’t do it so he left, the thing is that Lee Joon as not only the face of MBLAQ but also the face of the label. When the most known artist one a label leave it doesn’t look good, even more if the group in which was the said artist was already struggling. Now I don’t blame Lee Joon for his decision, he wanted to expand his filmography and he knew it would have any significant role like he had with Gap-dong. I would have made the same choice as him. He chose his acting career over a company that didn’t seemed to know how to give him work.

Along with the departure of Lee Joon, Thunder (another MBLAQ’s member) and Two X left, leaving the remaining MBLAQ member (G.O, Seugho and Mir) and MadTown as J. Tune Camp’s artist which gave a grand total of 10 idols…10 artists since the company didn’t have any actor/actress or solo act.
I guess it’s is useless to say that a label can’t go anywhere with only 10 idols and one those 10 3 would soon leave for their mandatory military service, which would have left the agency with only one group, MadTown.

To quote one of the remaining MBLAQ’s member G.O:

J.Tune Camp has basically dissipated. All the managers left, and Mad Town has signed with another label. They don’t even have a celebrity that can promote, so it won’t be able to be a company.

The way their career was handled by J.Tune Camp probably didn’t help Two X and Madtown future was both group disbanded. G.O whom always dreamt to be a signer post more YouTube video with his girlfriend than performing in public.

If you think those three agency doesn’t have the right to call themselves agency, think that at least they didn’t physically or verbally abused their artist.

Media Line Entertainment

You read this right, the label I’m about to talk about allegedly beat their artist up with baseball bat and other things. I say allegedly cause nothing have be totally proven yet, however two of the member had bruises on their body and not small one like when you bump in something, pretty big bruises mostly place around this hips and thigh area, in other words in place were people will not see it. I could just write on and on about the case but I will let you judge by yourself.

You can read more about what happen here
And see the picture here and watch the conference press given by the (former) leader with english sub here.


When I first got the idea for this post, it was after Bang YongGuk had left TS Entertainment and B.A.P , I remembered all the problems the agency had and it made me think about other agencies that also was bad had managing their artist, so bad that some groups had disbanded (like C-Clown) or are left in the dark without knowing what will happen to their group in the future and it’s not only small agency sometimes big agency can do the same, you jus have to look at how SM Entertainment treated F(x).

Then came The East Light case, which updated angered me just a little bit more, the group debuted in 2016 dreaming of getting famous instead they live a nightmare thank to the CEO of Media Line Entertainment and a producer. I just hope this will not completely crush their dream.

Of course most of the agency can manage their artist properly, however there always be case where group are forgotten, where come back are pushed back for unknown reason, I just hope that case like The East Light was the only one .

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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