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Uraraka Ochako: The Cheerful Flowers

Uraraka Ochako, My Hero Academia, Studio Bones

The long time reader of my blog know it, I like my pretty boy, my blog if feel with them. However this doesn’t mean that I don’t have favorite female character, I might not have as much as favorite male characters (I doubt I would be able to make a top 20 now), but I have a few.

I did wrote a post long time ago about one of my favorite female character and I felt like it was time that I post a new one.
At first I thought about writing a post about Mahiru Hiiragi (I know I pass more time saying I don’t like her, but maybe if I write a post about her I will see her under a new light), but instead I decide to go with my favorite female character of one of my current series obsession, Uraraka Ochako from My Hero Academia.

Uraraka Ochako, My Hero Academia, Studio Bones
© Bones

I did wrote a little bit about her in the this post here, but I there is so much more to say about her.

As I said in the post she is far to me the damsel in distress time, she doesn’t need men to kick other ass around, Ochako is a big girl and she can take care of herself. She is a strong-willed young lady with only one goal, becoming a hero and make money for her family and she is ready to work extra hard and push her limit beyond what she would do to achieve that goal. Yes there is moment where she will wonder what the other would do in her place, we all do that, but in the end, she always find the solution herself. As I said in the post, she might not be as strong as Midoriya or Bakugo and not as smart as Momo, but she prove herself more than once, she prove that she can stand on the same ground as them without feeling inferior to them.

Uraraka Ochako, My Hero Academia, Studio Bones
© Bones

Ochako is strong yet feminine, but what can describe her the best is her cheerful personality. She is always there to cheer on her friend and classmate. She is the one who pointed out to Midoriya that “Deku” doesn’t only means “useless” but can give the feeling of “I can do it” since it is similar to “Dekiru” (To be able to do). She have a warm and bubbly personality and try to see the positive in every situation. Ochako is also really friendly cause can stay objective enough to see the flaws in people around her. Her rational side help her to keep her growing feeling for Midoriya in check, she is afraid that they interfere with her training to become a Hero. Those feeling as to not be mistaken with the admiration she have Midoriya determination.

Uraraka Ochako, My Hero Academia, Studio Bones
© Bones

And this is a reason why she is one of my favorite character, unlike some female character in shounen battle, she doesn’t show her feeling in plain light, in fact she does everything she can to hide them which benefit here as a person, since it prove that she will never let her personal feeling to get in the way of her goal. She is ready to follow Midoriya, not cause she is slowly falling for him, but cause she admire him and trust him and I think this is an important part of Ochako.

Uraraka Ochako, My Hero Academia, Studio Bones
© Bones

Yes she is cheerful and strong at the same time, but she also know what is important to her and her friend and she will always make sure to not interfere and continue toward her own goal.

15 thoughts on “Uraraka Ochako: The Cheerful Flowers Leave a comment

  1. Ururaka is such a great character and I love how she continues to work to improve herself. I’d absolutely love her to get more of a spotlight in some of the fights because when she does get her screen time she certainly shines.

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  2. She is super cute. I do like her. I like how she cares for Deku. But I am the same as you I am all for male characters. I think for female characters I can probably only name 10 that i like. All of the females I like are bad ass girls haha

    Liked by 1 person

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