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K-Friday | January 2019 Release (First Half)

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome back to a new K-Friday edition!

After a really long break I am fully back into blogging. This is not my first post of 2019, the first can be read here (OWLS post)

One of my goals for 2019 is to keep track of all the k-pop or other Korean artist from the South Korean musical scene release. I tried to do it in the beginning of 2018 (or was it 2017 I can’t remember), but I failed; I will try once again this year, but I can’t guarantee you anything.

Of course I will not talk about each release, only the one that really catch my eyes (or more ears here) , I will try to make the post look somehow organize by separating the debut album/song from the rest. If it’s an artist debuting solo but is from a group, I will still include them into the debuting category.

Now time to take a look at what the First Half of January gave us shall we?

Debuting Artist Released

ONEUS (원어스)

The group sign under RWB Entertainment actually released a song somewhere in 2018 with their brother group ONEWE, “Last Song”, however the six member boy group officially debuted on January 9th with their first mini album Light Us with “Valkyrie” as lead title.


I don’t know if it’s the age but I less and less draw by new boy group, there is so many debuting each year that I lost track of which group debuted when rapidly. Since ONEUS managed to catch my attention, I have to include them in this post.

I cannot really explain you what they did to catch my attention, cause they have nothing really special that set them apart the rest, but their debut song “Valkyrie” does have a little something that make me want to murder the repeat button.

Huta/ Lee MinHyuk (이민혁)

On January 15th, Lee MinHyuk from the boy group BtoB made his solo debut under the name of Huta with his first full-length album Hutazone and the lead title “Ya”


I have to be honest here, the first reason why his is on the post it’s because can be extremely biased toward group the I like and even more biased toward my favorite member of said group, so I wasn’t really expecting a lot from this. I think Minhyuk is not as know as Ilhoon (with the general public), however I was pleasantly surprise with “Ya”. Minhyuk or Huta is a rapper-dol (idol rapper) and they are often looked down by other cause for a lot rapper-dol are just wanna be rapper without real talent, but I really feel that with this song Huta try to set his mark in the market. I really like the groove in his voice, cause yes Minhyuk is not only a talent rapper-dol but he also good vocal, good enough to support the singing part of the song. Gonna try to make a full post on the album once I get the chance to listen to it.

Comeback and New Releases

Chung Ha (청하)

If you are a long time reader of my blog and you never missed a K-Friday post, you know there is a particular Korean variety show that I love, Immortal Song. Through the show I discovered a lot of vocalist loved by the Korean and I discover idol singer that I wouldn’t have look up if I haven’t already saw them on the show and Chung Ha is one of them.

벌써 12시

I saw her name more than once, people were talking about her comeback but I was never curious enough to look who she was until I saw her on the show. Okay I still haven’t dig her discography yet, but what I saw on the show was enough for me to look at her 2019 released.

On January 2nd, Chung Ha released “벌써 12시(Gotta Go) single and I have to say that what I’m hearing and seeing reminds me of a mix of Sunmi and BoA (I might get rock for that one, but I will keep my ground).

GFriend (여자친구)

Each kpop era need a bubbly group that just make you smile and GFriend is one of them. On January 14th the girl group make its comeback with the track “해야(Sunrise) which will be part of their second LP Time for Us.


The group reminds me of APink and this is probably why I enjoy listening to their song when I heard them, okay I still haven’t listen to all their song, but I saw them perform on a certain variety show and I really enjoy them, it was like breathing fresh air.

When it come to girl group song, I tend to be really picky, more picky than boy group, there is not a lot of girl group songs that were an instant love and Sunrise is not an exception, however the song still grew on me before the end of the 2nd verse. I will certainly give a try to the full album and maybe comeback with my thought on it.

Junoflo (주노플로)

Before looking at the January K-music releases archive on reddit, I didn’t knew a rapper under the name of Junoflo existed and I really regret it. If you are tired of KPop group with their wannabe rapper who have no idea what “flow” mean and you want to try some real Korean rap that is not too mainstream like Dynamic Duo and Simon D give a listen to the song below.


This is some real rap here and there is not enough people who talk about it. I might got through listening k-music cause of K-pop but what make me really happy it’s want I discover a new artist that are really underrated. Junoflo really deserve to have more attention, move over SanE and let Junoflo some place.


The kpop world is harsh, being an idol is not easy even more if you are in a group after sometimes you might want to take separate path and make more solo activities. However after sometimes to be solo you might comeback as a group and it’s pretty much what happened to G.O.D group from the 1st idol generation.

그 남자를 떠나

2019 mark the 20th anniversary of the group and they released an album to celebrate it. It’s not their first release since they are back together, but their latest album, Chapter 8, was released in 2014. Of course I will try to give you might thought on the full album once I can get my hand on it. Unlike most of the group whose debuted in the late 90’ G.O.D did released mainstream pop but more R&B type of song similar to Boyz II Men musical style.

The lead title of the new album is “그 남자를 떠나” (Leave that Man) the guy asked specifically to Park JinYoung (JYP) to write and compose the song.

There where more released that the one mentioned above during the month of January, the boy group Ateez released their second EP “Treasure EP.2: Zero to One” and Ryeowook released his second LP Drunk on Love, first solo released since he got discharge in 2018. G.O former MBLAQ member (I say former even if I know the group didn’t officially disbanded, they are more on an extent hiatus and we have no damn clue when the trio will comeback together) also released a single “Forever Love”.

I can’t talk about them all and I know there is more to come for the second half of January like Hwang Chiyeol, Bang YongGuk and Dreamcatcher just to name a few.

Which is your favorite song released during the first half of January ? Let me know it the comment section below!

~ Thank you for reading ~

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