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Mel is Back!! For How Long ?? Who Knows

Hey Everyone!!
Hope you didn’t miss me too much during my two months hiatus!

This post is main,y to tell you what I did during those two month, what happen when I was away and maybe a little bit about the future of the blog.

Did less than I Though I would…

When I announced my hiatus, I had a clear plan mind, it was to take time to do something else than thinking about my blog, like writing more fanfic, playing video game and watch more anime; the only thing I managed to do, was playing video game, I got Breath of Wild for Christmas and I got obsessed by the world, forget the main story I just wanted to visit it until I get completely lost. Right now, I mentally preparing myself to kick that stupid elephant ass, just don’t know when it will happen.
I did post two chapters of two different fanfic I’m currently writing, but I didn’t get really far in the story, I got really lazy and I enjoyed doing strictly nothing.
As for anime HAHAHA what is anime?! I was thinking about maybe finish the 1st season of Ace of Diamond, I didn’t even watched one episode, I even managed to get being the very few seasonal anime I was watching, talk about laziness.

As you see, I didn’t do much and I don’t even feel bad about it.

The Blog Didn’t Suffer

While I normally don’t care about blog statistics, I mean this is really a hobby more than anything else and I don’t write to necessarily increase by stats, however I was still looking at it from time to time out of curiosity, just to see if the number will significantly go don’t after weeks of inactivity and guess what, not even a little and I have to thanks my doujinshi featured post for that, those post are the most popular for now (thank you to all the perverted people).

Even more weird, I gain more followers while I was away. Not long after announcing the hiatus, I pass the 400 followers (I did nothing for it, sorry about that, but HEY WELCOME TO ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS LOVE YOU ALL!!)

Going Forward

The one thing I was really scared when I was in hiatus after realizing how lazy I was becoming, it was to lose interest and not having to will to go back to blogging, but I soon realize it was futile to think that cause, while I didn’t really thought about the blog itself, I did have some blog idea, now I,m just wondering if I will be able to pull those idea off.

So the blog is going nowhere at least not in a near future, I have a lot of idea written down, I there is still some series that I watched but still haven’t written my thought about it, plus one of my goals is to keep track of the new k-music release for 2019. The only thing I will not post anymore on the blog, is fanfic due to the fact that I have an Archive of Our Own account, all fanfic will be posted there for now on, but this doesn’t mean that I will remove the one that I already posted here.

Regarding the blog schedule format, this will not change either, there is no point to change it since I feel it work well for me, even more if I care a week only to write blog post, plus we work having less hour to give, I should have more day off. We will see own it goes as the days pass. But if I could actually keep a good advance of the schedule I will be happy. However don’t be surprise is the schedule is no constant, this is really just a hobby and nothing more. Yes I will take time to write my post, but if I doesn’t feel to write, I will not push myself to push the content out just to fill the months. I rather warn you since I never know when I will get up and prefer staring at my ceiling instead of writing blog post, that a read a book, cause yes there is time where I read that I just forget about the world. So yea, the schedule doesn’t go anywhere, but don’t be surprise if there is only two weeks worth of post sometimes.

I don’t regret taking this hiatus, I feel like I needed it to reset everything, not start back to the beginning, but to show me that this is really just a hobby, I had fun doing it and I will still have fun, but that hiatus made me realize that it’s okay to not push the content out just for the sake of it. It’s okay to not think about it for one or two weeks, it’s okay to take time for my other hobbies, even if in the end I just procrastinate and do nothing, I don’t feel bad about it since this is just a hobby among other hobby.

Of course if I decide that I need to step back again, I will not leave without saying anything

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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