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[Manga] Black Torch First Impression

black torch, volume 1 cover
© Takaki Tsuyoshi
General Information
Original Title BLACK TORCH
Mangaka Takaki Tsuyoshi
Status Complete
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, supernatural
Chapter 19
Volume 5
Original Run April 2017 –  August 2018


As a descendant of shinobi, Jirou Azuma has been learning ninja techniques his entire life. But in addition to that, he also has the ability to talk to animals. One day when he rescues a strange black cat named Ragou, he learns that the world is filled with spirits called mononoke that can take the form of both people and animals. However, their meeting is cut short when they are attacked by a hostile mononoke who is after Ragou’s power.

Black Torch
© Takaki Tsuyoshi

I’m finally getting to it, my first impression on the manga Black Torch. I was pushing it back, without any real reason other than I didn’t really had time to sit and write it, now that I have the time, it is time for me to give you my first thought on the manga.

I came across it in the Manga Rock apps (do not look for it since it got licensed by Viz, it is not available anymore on the reading manga apps). The main reason why this one caught my attention was, gonna be honest cause of the main character, he looked quite handsome on the cover so I decide to give it a try (by now you should know me). I read the first volume on Manga Rock before deciding on buying the physical copy.

What Black Torch is about? Like you read in the synopsis it’s about Azuma Jirou, high school student who is a descendant of shinobi in other words, he is a ninja, but not like Naruto, more like the one we see fully dress in black, they does have some type of interesting technique that I doubt being possible. Not only Azuma is a modern-day ninja, but he also can speak to animal, the normal cat, dog, bird one or supernatural/demon like.

This is how he met Ragou, a very powerful mononoke, Rago have the appearance of a black cat with a strange symbols that look like a sun on his back and of course some bad people are after that poor kitty.. Not matter how you look at it, the base storyline is a story with saw countless time, plus the main cast is quite generic.

We have the hot-headed Jirou, the tsundere girl Ichika Kishimojin and finally the megane a little bit to serious for his own good Reiji Kirihara and obviously our happy trio butt head more than once they even fight against each other. This type of trio is nothing new to the manga/anime world. Even the villain lack of originality, demon who want to rule over the world cause he think the human cannot be trusted.

On the story side, it is really fast pace. I read comment on how the series look like it would be a long one, which make me wonder if we read the same series. In three volumes you get at least two major arc and the way the last volume ended, I feel like it would be a short series, which is rare for a manga of that genre. To be honest with the way the story goes so far I doubt they could have keep it up very long without looking repetitive, the last boss was introduced really early in the series.

It look like I do not enjoy the series so far, but it’s the opposite, I really like it, not cause of how cute Azuma is, but because while everything look generic there is still a chance for plot twist to happen, plus Ragou is worth to keep with it, I really like that cat attitude.

BLack Torch, Jirou Azuma, Ragou
© Takaki Tsuyoshi

So does being generic is a bad thing? Not really, a team being part of a special organization that who have to beat some demon ass can still be interesting to read, but I can still change my mind once the story if over depending on the ending.

~ Thank you for reading~

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