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Dear Fellow Western Fans

Hello everyone,

It’s me Mel!

Today’s post is really more of a rant than an actual post. I really need to talk about it somewhere and since it’s related to anime/manga and kpop I decide to do it on my blog.

I already quickly talked about the issue on Twitter, but I feel like I need more than 240 characters to really talk about.

If you don’t feel like reading a ranting post today, stop reading now.

I really feel like the kpop fandom and the anime/manga one become more and more toxic. I know it’s always been like that, but I feel like it becoming worst as the year pass. I don’t know if it’s because fan are younger or just because they are entitled selfish ass**** (can also be both) but it doesn’t pass a week without having a prove of how a bunch of people can make look a whole fandom really bad.

A few weeks ago, the 16th of April was marking the fifth anniversary of the Sewol tragedy. 304 people died after the ferry sank, nine bodies are still missing. On the 304 there was a lot of students who were going a school trip. I remember reading that was of the students didn’t want to go but her mom convinced her, just imagine how the mom feel today. You probably saw the yellow ribbon on that day, the yellow ribbon is use to remember the tragedy. While most of us show compassion on that day, not everyone see it that way.

Now I would really want to show you the biggest prove of how fan can be really jerk,

however by the time I decide to write this post, the tweet already disappear. The tweet was a reply at a Red Velvet news about showing their support to the one that was left behind after the tragedy. A Red Velvet fan thought it was a great a idea to promote their new song by sharing a clip of a performance, someone point out that it wasn’t the time to do that and the fan just reply she didn’t care about the tragedy.

While I couldn’t find that one, I can show you some other proof of how fan become.

Was it really necessary to promote your favorite group that day ?

Maybe they feel really bad for what happy, I don’t wanna put doubt on that, however for me, the fact that they thought it was a nice idea to promote their fave for the BBMA on a tweet about the Sewol ferry just cancel the empathy they might have toward the victime of the tragedy. I get you want to promote them, you want to see them win, but that day wasn’t the time. Sadly this is not an isolated case.

I stop counting the number of video promoting different group I saw in the reply on important matter, like the whole Burning Sun/Seungri mess.

This is how some kpop fan are becoming, while I know it’s only a small part of them, the one who are selfish make the whole fanbase look bad.

The kpop fandom is not the only one who makes a whole fanbase look bad, anime and manga fan doesn’t give their place.

I do ship fictional character together, while I’m more a BakuDeku fan I do enjoy some KiriBaku in my life once in a while, but starting a petition to get your non-canon ship become canon it’s just plain stupid. The worst is those fan are planning to send that petition to My Hero Academia creator.

Just don’t do that

Seriously…. Why are you like that ? why can you not enjoy thing like everyone else without making drama, without making a fandom look bad ?

The BNHA fandom is not the only one, Free! fandom is pretty much the same. Once in a while we see people getting mad at one of the characters for obscure reason.

There is not a week where we doesn’t have some moron thinking only for themselves and make a fandom look bad, I wish one day those problematic fan stop and thinking about what there are about to say or to do. Which impact will have their behavior on the fandom? Even if they doesn’t care about the backlash they might receive, they are not the only one who might feel that impact. They are not alone in the fandom, what they are doing can be seen as a mirror for the whole fandom, even if it’s not the case.

I know it’s only a small percentage of fan who is acting like total idiot, but still give a bad impression and people like to generalize and those bad fan doesn’t seem to understand their wrong going hurt their whole fandom.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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  1. Every fandom seems to be like this these days; it goes beyond K-pop and anime into video games, TV shows, celebrities… all manner of things.

    People — specifically Western people, usually but not exclusively Americans — enjoy complaining. Aggressively and rudely, and often without thought as to what they are actually complaining about. And the moment you tell someone that it might be nice if they maybe perhaps stopped being such a dick about things that ultimately don’t matter all that much, you get a target painted on yourself too.

    It really sucks, because it poisons discussion and mutual enjoyment of things almost as much as the outrage peddlers on the other side. People who just want to enjoy things peacefully seem to be becoming a minority… or perhaps they’re just doing the sensible thing, retreating from online public spaces and enjoying their things in private 🙂


  2. I’m an Asian person living in the West and I do see this SO much with a lot of Westerners. I have no idea where that sense of entitlement or superiority comes from. A lot of them will also try to “school” non-Westerners about their own culture and history (tells Koreans and Indian that this is what’s proper in Korean or Indian culture, or history, etc.). There is this incessant desire to be heard above all else without reason or empathy and it can be so frustrating for non-Westerners. It even leads to massive misunderstandings and cultural stereotypes and many other things. I feel like it comes out even more during times of tragedy, like their judgmental meter and that superiority just skyrockets during very sad and painful times or events. It’s infuriating and so sad too.

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