Name: Mel (try to figure out my real name if you want)
Age: Probably old enough to be your big sister
Location: Somewhere in the province of Quebec (Canada for those who sucks in geography)

Hi!!  I’ve been an anime and manga fan since more than ten years even if I took a short break of it when I came across K-POP five (or six not sure) year ago. But I recently take (not totally) over the Tumblr of an old anime community called Advanced Anime ( don’t try to look for it, the jerk who was in charge of it let it “die”) and I thought it would be nice to know what I was reblogging. So I’m here back to my little anime world fangirling over 2D character.

I will eventually post the list of the anime/manga that I watched/read so far. I like pretty much any kind of anime and manga as long as I enjoy it. Right now my favorite anime is Psycho Pass.

Enjoy you stay in my little land!!

About the various post you fill found here

Monday Crush
Those post topic gonna be my anime crush, be ready there is a lot to come. The responsible of your nosebleed.

Tuesday Manga
This series of post will be occasional. There was a time were I was reading more manga than I watched anime, but it’s not the case anymore. These post will only talk about manga series which doesn’t have their anime counterpart.

Wednesday Series
Like the title subject, those will be about the different series I watched so far, it can be anime TV show or manga. They are not gonna be review, but mostly my thoughts about it. Most of them might contain spoiler.

Throwback Thursday
Short Series of post focusing on older anime, series that aired before 90′

Friday Top
Those will be publication about different subject, it can be a top opening and a top character in a certain series.

 The Other
All the other post I will make will fall under this category. Can be published pretty anytime in the week, mostly soon after I finished writing/editing them.

About Spoiler
To tell the truth, I don’t really care about them, that probably one of the reason why I don’t mind including them in my post. Since each of my post might contain spoiler, all of them gonna have a warning at the top of the page. Sometimes there is no spoilers, but since I’m writing along with my inspiration, rather put it just in case, I never really know what I will write in the post. I know it might stop a lot of people of reading my blog, but I rather do that than hear people complaining about the spoiler. Don’t like spoiler so don’t read, simple as that.

Since I founded all those text pretty boring I decide to give you some GIF to embellish it.