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Let Me Tell You About Mel

Hi Everyone one!! If you are on this page it’s because you want to write few word about me…right just don’t go away pls!!! (kidding)

As I said in the project intro, it doesn’t have to be a long text, but if will certainly not stop you if you want to write a paragraph (or two).

Looking forward to know what you think About Me!!


IRINA: Hi Mel – Hi Everyone. You may (or may not) know me as the dubious author of I Drink and Watch Anime. I also have the considerably much greater honour of being a friend of Mel (or wanting to be which at least shows my great taste!). Let me tell you guys a little about the Mel I know and how we met.

A long time ago, I wrote a post using a very classically French Canadian expression in the title, and Mel reached out as she is also from these parts. There’s something exciting about suddenly having a concrete relationship with someone that was just disembodied words on the screen before. Even if we had not met, the idea that it would be possible and fairly easy, brought a new dimension to this entire blogging thing. I already knew Mel through her blog of course. Her unabashed love of pretty anime boys always made my day and brought a little good cheer to my life.

We eventually decided to meet and I discovered not only the charming, witty, occasionally slightly saucy girl I had gotten to know through posts but also a deeply caring and gentle soul. After just one meeting, I knew that if I had a problem, I could count on Mel. That’s the type of person she is. In retrospect, I should have known from her writing, there are flashes of that boundless empathy throughout her posts. It’s what keeps me coming back for more every time. But still, you just don’t meet people like that frequently and that’s a shame.

So if you are new here, and you don’t have the privilege of being able to go out for a drink with Mel whenever you want, you should at least take advantage of this blog. We all need someone like Mel in our lives.


Moya: Hello~ In reference to Mel, I remember saying at one point that “the coldest places produce the warmest people” (she was always tweeting about crazy Quebec weather when I started blogging late last year). Just look at Mel (^ and Irina) and you’ll know that the statement stands quite true!

We don’t really blog about the same things or have crushes on the same anime guys, but I do love Mel’s fangirl personality. Keep being lovely!

Fueled: Bonjour! (That’s all the french that you’ll get out of me :p ) What can I say about Mel? She’s sweet, caring, and always provides encouragement to any blogger that she meets. She also really loves some hot anime men. I like how you don’t take yourself so seriously, but you still maintain a professional level when it comes to your blog.

M – Master blogger, who always tries to recognize and pay tribute to others.

E – Entertaining and energetic

L – Lover of anime men

Ps. Let’s hope we survive summer. I know that Canada is known for its harsh winters, but our summers are just as bad sometimes.

All the best!

Arthis: The hottest place in town! That’s how I always describe it and I’ll continue with that one! Really, you just need to look to those fine men on the top! 😀

But there is more than just hot guys. Mel is just one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! She is basically the embodiment of the Canadian Stereotypes! I have the pleasure to be working with her in a long term collab where we discussed hot, fine, cute Anime Male characters and it’s just be GREAT!

Basically, just follow her! Her blog is just the sweetest things and if you don’t like reading you can always come up to just see the fine men pictures and GIFs 🙂

Karandi – I can’t remember when I first came across Mel’s blog but I am so glad I did. She’s such a great person and always has something positive to say, and usually has a very hot anime guy featuring in her posts. Mel has so much passion and enthusiasm and it comes through in her blog. I have so much respect for her and I hope that she continues for a long time to come.

I Just want to thanks those who participate so far. When I announced this project, I said that I would close the link to the google doc (where all those fantastic people wrote their lovely text), however I decide to keep it open and let more people to added their thoughts about me.

You add you part you just have to click here, I’m looking at the document weekly…  (let me know if you encounter any problem with the document)


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